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Parenting Plan Evaluations, Family Mediation & Child Custody Evaluation Services

Parenting Plan Evaluations, Guardian Ad Litem Appointments, Family Mediation & Other Family Law Evaluation Services

  Unfortunately, the nature of law imposes a win-lose mentality, which is not the aim of a parenting evaluation. Having a parenting plan which is focused and centered around your children and their best interests can be seen as a win-win situation for you and your children. Having a detailed plan may allow you to avoid court and further attorney fees, stress, time from work and time away from your children. To participate in a parenting evaluation means you will have participated in a difficult process aimed at closure for your family and court case.
  The nature of a parenting plan evaluation reveals the strengths and weaknesses of your family relationships and parenting. A comprehensive review of your concerns, your desired outcomes, your personal, marital, parenting, employment and court history is critical in gaining perspective on you and your children. Reviews of your children's personal, physical, academic and social history are also important in order to gain insight on your child's present and future needs and to understand how those needs can be addressed in the best parenting plan possible.

Court Ordered Professional Services

  • Parenting Plan Evaluations.  For divorced or separated parents.  Includes modification actions.
  • Third-Party Custody Evaluations.  These cases typically include other third party relatives like Grandparents or Aunts/Uncles, as well as one or both parents, who are in a custody dispute. I have worked on several Third-Party Custody Evaluations and understand how the paperwork, language and court system do not always take into account the differences and challenges associated with these particular cases.
  • Home Study Evaluations for Out of County Cases and also Adoption Pre and Post-Placement Reports.
  • Guardian Ad Litem appointments.

Additional Professional Services

  • Work-Product reviews, Expert Witness services, professional consultation for Family Law professionals, trial consultation for attorneys.
  • Presentations, speaking engagements and trainings.  Please ask for a current copy of my CV for more information.
  • Mediation Services for Parenting Plan Disputes. The process of mediation can be 5 hours or less!

The time frame for completion of your evaluation also depends on you.  To help stay on schedule, you will need to promptly complete paperwork, your retainer, follow any court recommendations, supply legal information and relevant documents and keep me abreast of changes, frustrations and goals.  This helps you to help me serve your family and provide closure sooner.

Specializing in:

  • Flexible, cooperative, creative parenting plans
  • Third Party custody evaluations
  • Children’s behavioral and learning disabilities, including ADHD, behavior problems at home or school, adolescent changes and challenges
  • Interpersonal Violence
  • Mental health concerns and personality disorders
  • High conflict

Call for Dr. Melanie English's availability and rates. All fees are paid up front with a retainer. I do not accept credit cards.  Serving King County WA and Snohomish County WA.

Contact Information

Melanie English, PhD, MSW
815 1st Ave #92
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: 206.465.6112
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